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February Book Recommendations

By  Grace


Once a month we will be sharing with our readers our special book recommendations, written by us at Cypress! Our monthly recommendations also appear on the relevant website homepages – so feel free to check them out there too.

We would love to hear your thoughts about these titles and if you need any more information on these or any of our other titles, do get in touch!


Learning Chinese

Series: A Collection of Chinese Short Stories

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“A Collection of Chinese Short Stories” is a 4-part series published by Sinolingua aimed at providing beginners an opportunity to engage with interesting and funny stories in Chinese. The stories include characters on one page and pinyin on a separate page for reference purposes. New or difficult words are highlighted and exercises to test comprehension are included after each text. The stories are short and contain a manageable level of words, making these books an ideal accompaniment to GCSE level textbooks.

Book: A Dictionary of Popular Chinese Phrases in English


This dictionary published by New World Press focuses on phrases often seen in the media over the last five years. Published in 2014, the dictionary is organised in alphabetical order, with each entry including the pinyin, Chinese characters, explanation and example in Chinese. This book will help Chinese learners navigate China’s social media and popular culture. It is recommend for readers looking to better understand and interact with contemporary China through the Chinese language.


Books in English

Series: Chinese Red


Chinese Red published by Huangshan Book Press is a series of books devoted to introducing different aspects of Chinese culture. Topics covered include: Chinese Zodiac Signs, Chinese Food, The Forbidden City, Hutong in Beijing, Tibetan Art, and much more. Each of the books is written in bilingual Chinese and English, making the books suitable for both readers interested in Chinese culture and for learners of Chinese. Each book introduces the topic in detail, with full colour photographs throughout to illustrate each of the topics covered. These books are recommended for readers looking for a concise and manageable guide to different topics related to Chinese culture and may be particularly useful for learners of Chinese keen to improve subject specific vocabulary.

Book: Beloved China


Fang Zhimin was a prominent member of the Communist Party in the late 1920s and early 1930s. He was elected as a member of the Central Committee during the Fifth Party Conference and was executed by the Kuomintang in 1935. ‘Beloved China’ was published to commemorate the 80th anniversary of Fang Zhimin’s death, including several pictures related to Fang Zhimin’s life and the personal recollections written by Fang Zhimin when he was in prison. It reflects the strong belief and conviction that Fang Zhimin had for the Communist party.


Books in Chinese

Series: 经典少年


《经典少年游》是一套历史人物传记丛书,当中又分别有《著名的帝王》和《诗词曲》系列,适合年少的读者阅读。著名的帝王包括盛世的十全老人清高宗乾隆,重文轻武的军人皇帝宋太祖赵匡胤 ,还有中国第一女皇帝武则天等历史上最著名的君王;诗词曲系列则有醉诗仙李白和忧国诗圣杜甫等。每一本书都分成绘本和读本部分,绘本透过动人的故事来展示经典人物的核心性格各精神,让小读者可以独立阅读;读本则提供更多有关地理和历史的资料,从而在阅读故事中增长其他方面的知识,因此也很适合由家长培读,提供说明。

Book: 面包树上的女


《麵包树上的女人》是张小娴的成名作,她在1994年开始在报纸上连载这部作品,迅速成为继亦舒後香港地区最著名的爱情小说作家。而这套作品更在2012在中国内地被拍成改编电视剧《长在麵包树上的女人》。 故事中的3位女主角从学生时期相识到成年,整套《麵包树上》系列就是3人爱情路上的经历,代表著3套不同的爱情观。这套书最深入读者心的是故事的质感:张小娴笔下的都会女生形象,是多麽真实,彷彿每个人身边都有这样的女生。这些女生有天真的有现实的,要爱情也要麵包。主角程韵与林方文的爱情是最为读者所深爱却又最不能承受的关係,彼此相爱却互相伤害,拉扯的爱却放不了手。这是爱情中最磨人的现实,就是与最深爱的人不能共存。与其他的言情作家不同,张小娴没有过多的矫情情节,却描写出爱情最真实最感人也最伤人的一面。


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