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March Book Recommendations

By  Grace


See below for our book recommendations for March! Our monthly recommendations also appear on the relevant website homepages – so feel free to check them out there too.

We would love to hear your thoughts about these titles and if you need any more information on these or any of our other titles, do get in touch!

Learning Chinese

SeriesBCT Standard Course


BCT Standard Course is designed to prepare readers to take the BCT examinations. The BCT examinations test the ability of non-native speakers of Chinese to communicate in business situations and about business topics. With a total of 5 volumes to correspond to the 5 levels of BCT exams, each unit is made concise and manageable, so new vocabulary and structures can be digested in a short time. These textbooks are ideal for working professionals wanting to diversify their skill set and communicate more directly with their Chinese clients and business partners.

Book: Short-term Spoken Chinese – Intermediate

Short-term Spoken Chinese - Intermediate









Part of the 3rd Edition of Short-Term Spoken Chinese, this Intermediate level textbook has been revised according to the needs of the contemporary learner. Designed for short term learning, this textbook is ideal for students who want to focus on improving their speaking skills to reach intermediate level. The textbook aims to leave readers with a strong grasp of 2500 words and all the most commonly used and practical grammar points and phrases. Designed with a combination of short texts and dialogues, the texts hope to inspire conversation and debate, so students begin to communicate more fluently and regularly in Chinese.


Books in English

Series: First Books for Early Learning Series

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The First Books for Early Learning Series comprises of a number of delightful stories based on traditional Chinese folklore. These stories are well known and loved by children and adults in China. This series gives children outside of China the opportunity to engage with these exciting stories and for Chinese parents to share these memorable tales from their childhood. Each of the stories include both English and Chinese prose, with beautiful Chinese style illustrations to accompany the stories throughout. These stories are perfect for parents and educators who want to encourage their children to have a deeper understanding of China’s culture, history and values.

Book: Wolf Totem

Wolf Totem

Translated exceptionally well from the original Chinese, Wolf Totem follows a Beijing intellectual who is sent to the wilderness of Inner Mongolia and finds a life almost unrecognisable to the city dweller, living with nomads and among wolves. Influenced deeply by the author’s own life and experience in Inner Mongolia, the prose beautifully and tragically illustrates the relationship of the Mongolian nomads to the grassland ecosystem. This novel reflects poignantly on the irretrievable losses incurred during modernisation and provides an invaluable insight into Mongolian history, culture and traditions.


Books in Chinese


Feng Zikai manhuaji 12 - Zikai jinzuo manhuajiFeng Zikai manhuaji 5 - Ertong manhuaFeng Zikai manhuaji 16 - Ertong xinhuaceFeng Zikai manhuaji 6 - Ertong shenghuo manhuaFeng Zikai manhuaji 18 - Gushi xinhuaFeng Zikai manhuaji 15 - Rensheng manhua

丰子恺(1898-1975)是中国现代著名的漫画家和散文家 ,他的漫画作品生动而又充满童趣,内容全是众生日常的点点滴滴,直到今天仍能引起社会大众的共呜。我们都能在他的作品中看到自己。他笔下的作品简单易明,却寓意深厚;一幅幅小画作记录了生活里微小,平淡却美丽的时刻。 《丰子恺漫画集》是一套以儿童相为题材的系列,画家在作品中不但巨细无遗地呈现儿童的童真和童心,也歌颂了孩子独有的热诚和率性,能人深受感动。一幅作品,可以教读者静下心来阅读,与自己对话,感受人性本有的真善美。


Bai ye xing

《白夜行》是日本侦探小说家东野圭吾的最著名的长篇作品,500页的故事誇越了数十年的时间,长达十载的命案终究有水落石出的一天。 事件始於一宗在废墟中的杀人事件,以侦探查案作引子,从而一步步掀开了案件相关者往後的人生,人心的善与恶一直与人物的成长紧紧结合。犯案者重覆的犯案、不断的牺牲,为了一个悲微却永远也无法得到回报的愿望。故事的终结虽然解开了所有的迷团,却没有像一般侦探小说般为读者扫开云雾,反而添上了挥之不走的阴影,尤其对複杂的人性、人生和命运产生深刻的反思和怀疑。这是作者对社会的批判,也是文学作品所产生的力量。此书是一部不可多得的经典推理作品。


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