May 16

Revision Guides for Chinese Language Examinations

By  Gigi Chan


As students across the country prepare to face the exam season, Chinese language teachers are also in search of books and materials that can help students prepare for the Chinese language exam for GCSE, A-level, or Pre-U. This month on our blog, we would like to share with you some revision guides for these exams.


One of the books that have been found useful in exam preparation is Chinese GCSE: Chinese Examination Guide. With the aim to meet the needs for GCSE learners, this is a complete revision guide that can be used as a workbook with an additional grammar section and mock exam papers to familiarise students with the exam formats. Highly recommended, this book covers four language skills (listening, reading, speaking, writing); for each skill, an introduction, test-taking techniques, model questions and practices are provided. It is a comprehensive book that students and teachers have found very helpful in exam preparation.

Other books related to GCSE Chinese preparation are Edexcel GCSE Chinese and the A+Chinese: GCSE Revision Guide series. Edexcel GCSE Chinese covers a wide range of topics, including personal life, leisure activities, holidays, food, and work. At the end of each chapter, a speaking assessment and a writing assessment are provided for students to practice taking the exam. On the other hand, A+Chinese: GCSE Revision Guide explores various topics of life with a wide collection of exercises.

Students and teachers alike may also consider the Pass Chinese series  for GCSE Chinese preparation. Not only can it be used as a textbook, it is also ideal for the Chinese language self-learning.

 A-Level Exam (AS and A2)


For those who wish to take A-level Chinese, Chinese for A-Level is the book with a great deal of materials reflecting all aspects of the Chinese culture and the modern Chinese society. The large number of exercises were designed to help students build up their Chinese vocabulary and their sentence-making ability, which in turn enhances their four language skills.


Chinese AS: Chinese Examination Guides is a revision guide specifically designed in accordance with the specification issued by Edexcel. This book consists of four sections (speaking, listening, reading, and writing), and all the practice questions in each section follow the test formats as those in authentic exams. The mock exam papers in the book give readers an opportunity for self-assessment, while the grammar section strengthens readers grammatical notions such as sentence patterns and word usages.

Edexcel Chinese for AS, which can be used as a textbook is also worth considering. It addresses the requirements of the latest Edexcel A-level specification in Chinese. It ensures to cover a variety of Edexcel topics and  helps to make a smooth transition from GCSE to AS level.


As for the higher level of A2, Chinese A2: Chinese Examination Guide and Edexcel Chinese for A2, both of which can be used as textbooks, cover the A2 topics. The former was designed specifically for exam preparation, while the latter uses the research-based writing aspect of the exam in each chapter. The authentic text types and the exam-style practice questions in both books highlight the importance of the A2 exam formats, therefore very suitable for A2 exam preparation.



We hope this helps students as well as teachers have a clear understanding about the books they can choose from for exam preparation. We wish you all the best luck with your exams!

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