Dec 16

Guanghwa Bookshop Celebrates its 45th Anniversary

By  Selina

45Established in Chinatown London in 1971,  Guanghwa Bookshop has been the UK’s first and only Chinese bookshop and is now celebrating its 45th anniversary. On the celebration event on 6th December 2016, Guanghwa told its own story of going through an era of China’s national turmoil and serving as a medium of communication between the East and the West in the 1970’s.

During the past 45 years, Guanghwa has supplied books related to  China or the Chinese language to numerous libraries, schools, universities, and the general public in the UK. It has carried out the mission of keeping Chinese culture and traditions vibrant by providing service and promoting cultural practices, while effortlessly maintaining its goal of encouraging the public to read meaningfully through various events that take place in Guanghwa.


On the celebration event, one of our important guests was Mr. Xiaowei Xiang, Minister, Counsellor of Cultural Section of the Chinese Embassy, who explained how important it has been to build a cultural and social connection with the UK and how over the past few decades, Guanghwa has played an important role in introducing China and the Chinese culture and language to the whole UK.


Also, the former Curator of the British library and a famous Sinologist and Historian, Madam Frances Wood also described how Guanghwa Bookshop supported the British Library in building its collection in the past.


Vice President of European Association of Chinese Teaching, Director of the Centre for Modern Languages of Richmond University, Professor George Zhang shared with us how these organizations work closely with Guagnhwa Bookshop and Cypress Books in promoting the teaching and learning of the Chinese language in the UK and Europe. He is also the author of the Chinese in Steps series.


Managing Director of Cypress Books and Guanghwa Bookshop, Ms. Jing Ru, illustrated how technology has revolutionized the way people trade and exchange information. In the worldwide framework of China International Book Trading Corporation, we have developed a platform to meet a high demand on Chinese publications and cultural products in the UK and even Europe. We endeavour to bring the Chinese culture and literature to the world.


Among all the performances, a young Guzheng instrumentalist Li Lin’s outstanding performance was the highlight of the ceremony as all the guests were mesmerized by her compelling music.


Lastly, our VIP guests were invited to unscroll the well-known calligraphy teacher Mr. Xu Jianchu’s work of calligraphy, which was dedicated to Guanghwa Bookshop’s 45th anniversary.

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Thanks to the support of overseas Chinese in the UK and all those interested in the Chinese literature, culture, and language, Guanghwa Bookshop has established itself as a much-respected Chinese bookshop with a long fascinating history. At this time of the year, we invite you to visit Guanghwa, enjoy a special discount, and if you’d like, sign up for our cultural activities. Finally, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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