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《Talk Chinese》: 最适合初学者的汉语口语教材 The Best Mandarin Chinese Textbooks for Chinese Learners

By  Gigi Chan

Author: 常老師

是的,说的就是《Chinese Express:Talk Chinese》,简称《Talk Chinese》,中译名:《汉语快行线》。

《Talk Chinese》(《汉语快行线》),2006版 vs 2017版


谭月老师,King’s College的中文教师。有20多年在英国教授中文的丰富的第一手经验;

Moon Tan is a lecturer in Chinese at King’s College London. She has more than 20 years’ experience of teaching Chinese as a foreign language in the UK. She is a member of The International Society for Chinese Language Teaching and a member of The British Chinese Language Teaching Society.

王海彤老师,现任著名私校Westminster School中文学科教学负责人,曾在UCL、LBS、SOAS等校任教中文,曾任BBC World Service中文部的主持人。王老师也有将近20年的一线教学经验。二位老师联手、精诚合作,在十年前完成了这样一册在当时的市场上属于稀缺品种的、完全针对初学者的中文口语教材。

Haitong Wang is a lecturer in Chinese for British diplomats at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Westminster School. She is also a cross-cultural advisor to international businesses throughout Europe and has taught at London Business School,  and at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London University. She has 20 years teaching experience in the U.K. and holds an MA in Language Studies. She has worked as a presenter for the Chinese Section of the BBC World Service.



搜索关键词“Chinese Talk”,从结果中选择亚马逊网站,出现的就是这个页面。

第一版的《Talk Chinese》在亚马逊上的评分是4.5分


  • I was recommended this book by my Mandarin teacher and I found it most useful, easy to follow, CD pronunciation/lesson display excellent, the display/format on the pages with Mandarin sentences on the left and the English translation on the right side, below the Mandarin pinyin were the Mandarin characters. (这本书是我的中文老师推荐给我的,我发现这本书很容易跟着学,配音地道准确,与课文完美衔接。我还觉得本书的版式设计非常适合学习者的需求。)
  • very good books for beginners. well explained. it was recommended by many chinese friends. worth the money. Would buy again.(给初学者最好不过,内容的解释清晰到位。我的很多中文朋友都推荐这本书。此外,这本书价格亲民,如果需要还会购买)
  • Bought this on the recommendation of my sons Mandarin Tutor. It has clear and simple explanations and comes with a CD so you can practice your pronunciation. He has been learning for 7 weeks and can hold a 2 minute conversation on the topics he has covered.(我儿子的中文老师推荐我买的这本书,这本书内容讲解简洁明了,配套的录音帮助学习者纠正发音。我儿子仅仅学了7个星期,就可以用中文对他学过的话题进行2分钟的对话。)


2015年,出版社和谭月、王海彤两位老师经过认真商榷,决定对《Talk Chinese》进行全面修订。新的版本,不仅要改进第一版使用过程中发现的不足和瑕疵,而且更要适合当下汉语初学者的情况——从内容到版式到录音——而且要体现最新的汉语考试要求,满足考生的需要、满足当下“汉语学习热”的需要。




出版者:Cypress Books


About the book–关于新版:

新版《Talk Chinese》(汉语快行线)专为汉语初学者定制写作。适合选择汉语作为大学课程组成单元的大学生、夜大学学习中文的学生,或者中文自学者。

The revised edition is designed for beginners of Mandarin, suitable for university students who study Chinese as a module, for people who take evening courses at colleges, or for self-study. The characteristics are:

Ø    Text and vocabulary are in characters, pinyin, and English.所有 课文和词汇均以拼音、英文两种方式标注。

Ø    The book includes 192 key sentence patterns and 550 most-
frequently-used words, covering the most useful situations in real life.本书包括汉语的192个重要句式以及550个最常用汉字,覆盖了大部分最常见的生活场景对话。

Ø    Grammatical teaching points are easy to understand to beginners. 语法教学保持在适合初学者的水平。

What’s new? 与旧版相比,新版的特点如下:

The layout has been redesigned to achieve learning efficiency and is more user-friendly.  重新设计了版面与细节,更加突出学习者友好的特点。

**  The learning objective of each unit is identified. 增加学习目标部分,突出语言功能,明确学习者的阶段性任务。

**  The difficulty level corresponds to HSK3. The level of grammar is equivalent to European Framework A1-B1.  语法更完整,与 European Framework A2- B1 等同,涵盖了汉语水平考试HSK3及此前所有基本语法点。

** Chinese characters & phrases are categorized to help readers memorize them. The similar structures characters appear frequently and logically, to help the vocabulary built. Clarified Vocabulary level: equals to HSK3. 分类归纳总结词语,便于学习者按意义类别识记词语;充分利用汉语构词法,列举大量补充词语,和相关考试接轨,满足教与学的灵活需求,有助于学习者举一反三。词汇更新完善, 与HSK三级词汇基本等同。

**  The dialogues and content of cultural background knowledge have been updated to reflect the modern society. 根据语言与社会发展变化,更新对话与文化知识点,使之更贴近真实的中国语言文化。

新版内文样张—sample pages:




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