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Learning Cantonese: The Next Frontier

By  Customer Service

Cantonese is indispensable for those living and working in Hong Kong, and for chatting with Cantonese-speaking friends and family. It could also be the next, even more exciting frontier for foreign language thrill-seekers that have ‘conquered’ Mandarin, or have at least dedicated several years to it already and are ready to dive deeper. Whether you need to know Cantonese, or simply want to, learning Cantonese makes you part of a growing trend. Continue reading

Aug 17
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Learning Mandarin: what you need to know before you start

By  Customer Service

China in Context last weekend was abuzz with booklovers who came from all over to share our passion for all things books, and all things China.

Participants of Sunday’s Chinese for Beginners workshop learned everything they needed to know about Chinese before they embark on the unique journey to mastery of such a beautiful and fascinating language. Continue reading

May 17
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Getting to know Vivian Ni, Manager of Guanghwa Bookshop

By  Customer Service

This month we learned about how Vivian celebrated Chinese New Year, the biggest festival of the year, as a child: gathering with family, observing strict rituals and solving riddles during Lantern Festival. She also shared her very relevant insights into how things have changed… Continue reading

Jan 17

Guanghwa Bookshop Celebrates its 45th Anniversary

By  Selina

45Established in Chinatown London in 1971,  Guanghwa Bookshop has been the UK’s first and only Chinese bookshop and is now celebrating its 45th anniversary. On the celebration event on 6th December 2016, Guanghwa told its own story of going through an era of China’s national turmoil and serving as a medium of communication between the East and the West in the 1970’s. Continue reading

Dec 16