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The Ventriloquist's Daughter

The Ventriloquist's Daughter

Man-Chiu Lin (Author)
Helen Wang (Translator)

Balestier Press, 2017
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    About this book

After the tragic death of Luir's mother, her father, a thwarted artist working as a doctor in the family hospital, is overcome with grief. He goes to study in America, leaving six-year-old Luir in the care of her grandparents, promising to return with a special doll for her.
But instead of studying, her father travels to the Andes, where he meets a mysterious ventriloquist who takes him as a pupil.
Five years later, he returns home, bringing with him one of the ventriloquist's dolls. But it is not a present for Luir; instead, it becomes a menacing presence in the house, causing strife within the family. After observing her father performing strange rituals with the doll, Luir must find a way to defeat her demons – real or imagined.
    About the author

Helen Wang is Curator of East Asian Money at the British Museum, and a literary translator working from Chinese to English. Her translations for children include Bronze and Sunflower by Cao Wenxuan (Walker Books, 2015), Jackal and Wolf by Shen Shixi (Egmont, 2012), and Pai Hua Zi and the Clever Girl by Zhang Xinxin (a graphic novel, published as an e-book in 2012). She has also translated short stories by a wide range of Chinese authors.
In addition to translation, she is also an active promoter of contemporary Chinese literature (tweeting for China Fiction Book Club @cfbcuk,  and founder of Translated World @translatedworld). She is currently one of the four editors behind the Read Paper Republic project, publishing a Chinese short story, essay or poem in English translation, one a week for a year.
In 2017, she received the Marsh Award for Children’s Literature in Translation for her translation of Bronze and Sunflower.
ISBN: 9781911221050
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 192
Sizes: 203x133mm
Publication: 5/2017
Weight: 248g

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