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Chinese for Beginners

Chinese for Beginners


LIU Xiaoyu 刘晓雨 (Author)

Beijing University Press, 2016
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    About this book

Use this pocket textbook and scan the video anytime anywhere!

More than 300,000 learners around the world learning with you online!

Learn by Pinyin, teach in English, vocabulary list in multilingual annotation!

Essential survival Chinese for beginners!

First choice for self-study, tour-study, ultra-short-term program and flipped classroom!
    Table of content

Unit 1 Who are you?
1—1 What is your name?
1—2 Where are you from?
1—3 Are you a student?
1—4 Who is he/she?
Unit 2 When do you go to school?
2—1 Can you count?
2—2 What time is it now?
2—3 Morning or afternoon?
2—4 Do you have a busy life?
Unit 3 What do you like to eat?
3—1 Do you like dumpling?
3—2 I like apple.
3—3 I like chicken.
3—4 Do you want a cup of tea?
Unit 4 I like shopping!
4—1 What is your favorite color?
4—2 This is too big.
4—3 How much is this?
4—4 It's too expensive!
Unit 5 Do you live in a big city?
5—1 I go to work by car.
5—2 Is there a supermarket near here?
5—3 The bank is on the left.
5—4 How can I get to the underground station?
Unit 6 How about the weather?
6—1 What is the temperature today?
6—2 Is it cold in January?
6—3 I like spring.
6—4 I catch a cold.
Unit 7 What is your hobby?
7—1 What day is it today?
7—2 I like swimming.
7—3 I watch TV news every day.
7—4 We can do a lot of things through internet.
Vocabulary List
ISBN: 9787301272251
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 95
Sizes: 176x110mm
Publication: 9/2016
Weight: 155g
English, Chinese

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