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We Love Low-carbon Life

We Love Low-carbon Life

XIAO Zhang (Author)

New World Press, 2011
  (9,14 )
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    About this book

laciers are melting and sea levelS are rising.Environmental protection is swiftly becoming one of the most urgent ehallenges for humankind.Yet environmental protection does not necessarily mean global summits or high technologies,nor is it just a hobby for the affluent.Its potential lies in everyday attitudes and a call to action.
This iS not a comprehensive popular science reader about climate,but a very straightforward and convenient guide to low—carbon life.Based on Chinese people’S current lifestyles,through concerns inside and outside our homes and issues for the future,the book aims to help readers realize that environmental protection iS notjust a catchphrase or a fashion.Everyone may partake init.Low—carbon life iS not impossible to achieve,and everybody may benefit from changes that at first may seem trivial,but are environment—friendly actions close to our daily lire.A host of useful tips and experiences make the book very practical and valuable.
ISBN: 9787510412226
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 222
Sizes: 135x205mm
Publication: 1/2011
Weight: 332g

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