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Coronavirus Update

At the moment handling Covid19, we have decided to follow the latest advice from the UK Government. We regret to inform you that Guanghwa Bookshop will be temporarily closing in an effort to prevent the spread of coronavirus from 17th Match. CypressBooks entire team is well prepared to work from home.

During the period, please feel free to place orders online. It might take a bit longer for parcels to be delivered than the normal period. We will try our best to deliver your goods as early as possible. Your understanding would be really appreciated. At the same time we would recommend the latest popular titles through multiple platforms including WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

If you have any questions about your orders, please do not hesitate to contact us by email below,
Online Sales enquiry – salesonine@cypressbooks.com
School & Booksellers orders: sales@cypressbooks.com
Guanghwa Bookshop – info@guanghwa.com

Finally, we sincerely hope that everyone stays safe and healthy.


出于对您和常青、光华员工健康安全的考虑,依照英国政府关于疫情防控的建议, 我们很遗憾的决定,自3月17日起光华书店将暂停门市营业,常青图书所有员工将改为居家远程办公。 在此期间,您仍可以通过网站正常下单,我们会尽力克服疫情带来的影响,将您所期待的图书等商品尽早送至您手中。非常时期,万望大家能够理解。

同时,我们也将通过光华书店微信公众号、常青图书Facebook、Twitter、YouTube等平台向大家推荐更多的新书好书及中华文化产品,陪伴您度过这一段非常时期。 希望大家注意防范,保护好自己,风雨同路,我们一起加油!

如有任何疑问请随时联系我们,订购及联络方式: 在线销售平台 www.cypressbooks.com
学校机构客户订购 sales@cypressbooks.com
光华书店联络 info@guanghwa.com


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